'Postcard Walks - Part I' - 2012
Self led participatory tour - available for 12 months - duration non specific.
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A selection of old postcards were bought at the local flea market in Stuttgart, addressed to people who once lived in the city. These addresses were then used to create a route through the city, connecting one postal address to the next and transforming seemingly everyday buildings into a destination with a history and a memory.
At each destination the relevant postcard was left with the current owner. A map of these locations was made and offered to willing participants in order for them to discover the postcards and current residents of each site for themselves. In an exercise in social archeology each postcard became a catalyst for interaction, encouraging participants to engage with local residents.

Whilst creating this project I documented the process of finding the addresses. I would ask locals at, or near, each of the locations to translate the postcards which were audio-recorded.

Map - for self led walk.
'Postcard Walks - Part I': Map - for self led walk.