'Acqua Alta - 1966' 2020 - 3 hour live performance
lagoon mud, canal algae and water, mop, football boots, the moon

This work, created in an old palace in Venice, is a response to the threat of flooding. I rock on a loose tile I found on the staircase of Palazzo Mora whilst rising and falling to match heights of record water levels over the last fifty years. During the action I explore the elements that lead to the Acqua alta occurring – such as certain winds, the pull of the moon and the sinking of the city – adapting my body position and direction to understand these forces. In doing so, I attempt to embody the building - feeling its strength and its weakness through my own body and ultimately the vulnerability and limits of both. This work was created as part of the Venice International Performance Association. (documentation by Fenia Kotsopoulou)