'Apollo Calls Upon the Anemoi' 2009 Video - 3.10mins.

The work plays between setting up the illusion of a breeze or gust of wind travelling through the landscape and exposing the rudimentary process of bits of paper being blown by a person or people. At certain intervals the ‘blowers’’ faces push into the frame and become part of the image introducing a new layer of narrative to the scene in the print.

The original print ‘Niobe’ 1761 by William Woollett (1735-1785) features a scene from Greek mythology. It is the dramatic point where Apollo has been sent by his mother, the goddess Latona to slay the children of Niobe as punishment for being arrogant enough to believe she is greater than the goddess herself. As Niobe pleads for hew sons’ lives to be saved, a storm rages around her and the other characters in the print. In the newly manipulated work the more volatile Anemoi from the north, east and south - Boreas, Eurus and Notus respectively are introduced into the image.

Strang Print Room UCL
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