Installation shot 'Cajon', 'Pajarito', 'Rothshild's Bars 1,2 and 3'
'Pajarito' 2010 - W80 x H120 x D180cm
(approx. dimensions of an adult fighting bull)
Wood, leather, tissue paper
'Cajon' 2010 - W40 x H60 x D40
plywood, audio emanating from object -
(recording of a cajon player drumming as he reacts to footage of a bullfight)
duration 5 minutes - looped to play every 15 minutes.
'Rothshild's Bars 1,2 and 3' 2010 - W40 x H20
screen print on paper, 23.5% carat gold dust.
The prints are the exact dimensions of a Rothshild 1kilo bar of gold.